Whitecloud FAQ?

Where is the fuel tank?

Open the driver’s door and you will see a small door just to the right of the drivers seat.

Do the headlights turn off automatically?

No you will need to manually turn off the headlights.

What are the dimensions of the van?

Length - 266 inches (22.1ft)  Height - 110" (9.1ft)

Do the cabin lights go off by themselves?

The main cabin lights can be turned off and on by using a switch right under the steering wheel or closing and locking all of the doors. Otherwise they will turn off after about 30 minutes with the doors open.

Is there a spare tire?

Yes the spare tire is located in the back and is accessed by using the jack under the passenger seat. There is a port in the rear of the van which will allow you to lower the spare.

How do you setup the front bed?

The front bed is setup by reaching under the front middle of the seat and then pushing the lever down. While holding the lever down pull up on the front of the seat. Continue pulling until the seat becomes flat. Once the bench is flat you can extend the bed by pulling up the front of the bench directly behind the bench seat.

How does the water work?

Simply pull down on the lever next to the faucet a couple of times. It may take a couple extra pumps if the faucet has not been used in a while.

How does the back lower bed work?

Simply pull up the front of the bench. It is important to make sure the hinges click into place. Then on each end extend up the hinges to fully secure the bed. There is then two small benches behind the kitchen that can be moved into place to make the back bed into a full queen bed.

How do you setup the upper bunk?

First the upper bunk may be secured in the back. Unhook the strap in the back and then lift up the bunk. Then using the two blue straps. Connect the outer ends of the bunk to the hooks in the ceiling. To take the bunk down simply reverse the steps.

How do you cook?

All cooking should be done outside.

Where is the table?

You will find the table under the back bench. There is a table leg that screws into the floor and then the table simply slides onto that leg. 

Do we need to clean the van before returning?

There is a $35 cleaning deposit. If you return the van clean you will get your deposit back or you can return the van dirty and you will not get your deposit back. Large amounts of mud and dirt on the floors and seats will result in a special cleaning fee. Anytime the van is driven on dirt roads you are required to return it clean.

Is there an awning?

You can request an external awning.

If we use the dishes and silverware do we need to clean them?

Yes all dishes and silverware should be washed for the next guest.

Is there a screen door?

Yes look in the back of the van and then screen door will Velcro onto the back once the doors are open.

Does the van have heat when the engine is not running?

Yes we offer a propane heater or for those with access to electricity we can include an electric heater.

Is smoking or drugs use allowed in the van?


How do I get my cleaning deposit back?

Please see the list here.