Moab is a classic destination for mountain biking, hiking, dirt biking, and all sorts of different sports. We recommend visiting Moab from February-May and September-November with your campervan rental. At other time of the year the area can become extremely hot or very cold.

There are so many options for biking and hiking in Moab and many good campervan campsites on or off the beaten path. With a campervan you can take advantage of the numerable off the beaten path campsites that can not be reach in a recreational vehicle (RV).

Tips from the Last Visit:

1) There is a new Gold Bar Rim Trail that allows mountain bikes to remain near the rim edge.

2) New trails have been added in the Klondike Bluffs are including a new favorite called Alaska, Nome, and Homer.

3) The Sovereign Trail system provides some great dirt biking and mountain biking trails that are all well marked.

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