CAMPERVan Pickup

After securing your campervan rental you will need to prepare for your trip. If you are still unsure about where to go then be sure to visit our IDEA page. If you specified a time during your reservation then you will see an email from us a couple of days before your trip to confirm that time. Once that time is confirmed we will see you at the pickup location to get your campervan. 

What do we always cover at pickup? (Approximately 10 minutes)

  • Please look over the user manual before pickup for your van
  • CamperVan Operation
  • CamperVan Driving
  • Included items
  • Bed(s) and Features 
  • Accessories and add-ons
  • Liability
  • Return Procedure

Other questions or trip assistance?

  • Destinations and Ideas
  • Campground ins and outs
  • Camp Cooking

Terms and Cancelation Policy

One Way Rentals and Delivery

We offer One Way rentals and Delivery. Please contact us below for more details. One way rentals and deliveries may require an additional deposit to cover non-refundable travel fees.


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Boise Pickup Location

277 S. 27th St.
Boise, ID 83702


Salt Lake City Pickup Location

281 Paramount AVE

Salt Lake City, UT 84115