you will find a wealth of knowledge ABOUT your campervan rental below:


2) Important things to remember:

  • The fridge monitors battery voltage and requires zero monitoring from the user.

  • Avoid placing heavy items on the shelf above the drivers and passengers seat.

  • Avoid placing heavy items on the top bed without securing them.

3) before pulling into a campervan spot remember to:

  • Fill up the green water tank in the kitchen and drain the gray tank if full.

  • Walk the spot where you will be parking the van and determine how level the site is. Park the van in the most level spot.

  • While walking the site make sure the van will fit and that there are no low hanging branches.

User Manual Highlights:

Ford Transit Owners Manual Link




  • Backing-up: When you back up be sure to use the backup camera, mirrors, and sensors. The backup sensors will warn you if you are going to hit something that they can detect. If you have a rack on the back, you will want to turn off the backup sensors. The backup sensors can be turned off by pressing the P button next to the dash.

  • Mirrors can be adjusted using the knob to the left of the steering wheel. The knob only adjust the top part of the mirror. The bottom mirror is your blind spot mirror and cannot be adjusted.

  • Lights are controlled using the dial to the left of the steering wheel. Most of the time the lights will be in the auto position. This is the best place to leave them in order to ensure you do not drain the battery.

  • Fuel is added by opening the drivers side door and then opening the compartment on the bottom right corner of the doorway. There is no gas cap that needs to be removed so simply push the nozzle into the filler port. Please make sure to add the right type of fuel. Use gas if the filler port is black or yellow. Use diesel if the filler port is green.



The Dometic CF-35 fridge and has 31 liters of space. When you pickup the van the fridge is set to cool to 36 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the best temperature to keep everything cold without freezing items at the bottom of the fridge. The fridge also monitors the campervan's battery voltage and will shut off before the voltage gets too low and will turn back on when the voltage rises.



The Large campervan model has two queen beds. While the bed frame is permanent the lower mattress can be removed before you start your adventure. The space can then be easily converted to store your toys such as bikes, kayaks, or paddle boards.



The kitchen in Large campervan is comprised of a cabinet with a counter-top, sink, faucet, fresh water tank, and gray water tank. The faucet works by pulling down lever at the base of the spout which will draw water up from the fresh water tank inside the cabinet and out the spout.

IMG_1946 - Copy_small.JPG

Window Coverings:

The Large campervan has full window coverings for all of the windows. There are curtains on all of the front windows except the rear. The rear windows have insulating panels that Velcros on to each window to keep the cold away from your head to help get a great nights rest. These two coverings are stored under the bottom bed.