Since our average customer uses 125 miles per day on their trips we include 150 miles per day so that you can focus on enjoying your trip rather than worrying about counting miles.

Rentals include 150 miles/day. Additional Miles are $0.30/mile.

To help you have the best trip possible we offer discounted mileage packages that can be purchased prior to leaving for your trip. If you plan on putting in a lot of miles or just don’t want to have to think about miles at all while you are exploring consider our additional miles packages below:

  • 100 extra miles/day for $25/day (7 day minimum)

  • Unlimited miles for $35/day (14 day minimum)

Wandervans are welcome to explore nationwide in the United States and Canada but are not allowed in Mexico.

When you are making your reservation our system will ask you where you are going so that it can automatically estimate your trip mileage to give you an idea of any additional mileage cost. We want you to be worry free so we want you to know what to expect.

If you are concerned about mileage on a trip with multiple destinations we recommend using to plan your route and see your total mileage. We have found that adding 10% additional mileage to the Google Maps route works well for most of our customers to estimate their total trip mileage to include additional daily driving beyond just getting from point A to point B because memories are made when you have room to explore.