All Wandervans rentals required to have vehicle insurance. This insurance can be provided by the customer’s personal insurance or by purchasing insurance through us.

Personal Insurance

Customers are welcome to use their personal insurance. We strongly recommend checking with your insurance to verify your coverage. The answers to the two main questions we get from customer’s insurance companies are that the vans are registered as passenger vans not R.V.s and that the vans weigh under 10,000 lbs. You will be asked to provide your insurance information if you choose to not purchase our insurance.

Credit Card Rental Car Insurance

Some credit cards offer what they call rental car insurance. The specifics of this kind of coverage varies greatly. However almost none of these policies include the liability insurance which is required by the state to operate a vehicle. For this reason credit card insurance can be used as a secondary insurance option but Wandervans cannot accept credit card rental car insurance as the only insurance provided for the rental.

Our Insurance

If you would prefer to purchase insurance through us it is provided by Wheelbase who partners with Liberty Mutual. The exact cost of our insurance varies from rental to rental but is typically between $10 and $15 per day. This insurance can show up on your reservation as “Insurance Fee,” “Wheelbase Fee,” or “Outdoorsy Fee.” All three things are the same.

Standard Insurance through Wheelbase

Wheelbase is proud to partner with Liberty Mutual and Aviva to insure the safety of our renters. Any renters traveling in the US can rely on Liberty Mutual for protection. With offices around the world, Liberty supports our mission of providing high-quality insurance products and services to meet the needs our customers. Renters traveling in Canada will be covered by Aviva Insurance. Travel in Mexico is not allowed.

Complete & Comprehensive insurance coverage. You never know what might happen while out on the road. The good thing is that you can rest assured that we have you covered! Here are just some of the incidents covered by our insurance:


This standard insurance covers the state required minimums for liability as well as $250k in comp and collision coverage and has a $1500 deductible.

$1 Million Liability Insurance Coverage

$1 Million Liability insurance increases liability coverage from the state required minimums up to $1 million and can be purchased for $6.25 per day.

Driver Verification

All drivers are required to be verified in order to be covered by insurance purchased through us. This is a quick and easy process of entering your driver’s license information and allowing a third party to perform a driving background check. The primary reasons a driver would not be verified include (1) more than two tickets in the past year for going 20 mph over the speed limit, (2) a suspended license, or (3) a DUI.

International Renters

  • Are international renters covered?

    • Yes! Not only that, but international travelers are covered under our $1M insurance program. Many of our international travelers love this about Wheelbase since it allows them to rent more unique rentals for their adventure instead of the typical cookie-cutter RV rental companies. All qualified renters, domestic and international, are covered for rentals in the U.S. and Canada. Mexico is not covered.

      To qualify for coverage, all international renters are required to complete a DMV check through Wheelase, for which an international driver’s permit (IDP) and a valid passport are required. In most European countries an IDP can be obtained in less than a day.

      Wheelbase’s turn-around time for an international DMV check can range from one day to seven days. After requesting a booking, Wheelbase will communicate the status of the verification process and driving record check to the renter.

      There is a foreign transaction fee of 3% added to the rental total when using a payment card issued outside of the country in which you’re renting.

      Wheelbase is not allowed by U.S. government regulations to insure any renter from a country where the U.S. government precludes business relationships. These countries include North Korea, Syria and any country that sponsors or supports terrorism or terrorist activities.

      If you have any questions about international coverage or renting from outside the country, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Trip Insurance

We are happy to partner with Wheelbase to offer trip insurance to help protect you from surprises. Trip insurance helps cover the cost of cancelling a trip for a wide range of reasons (subject to terms and conditions) including, but not limited to: a traffic accident en route to pick up your campervan, onset of pre-existing medical conditions while on your trip (if certain requirements are met at the time of purchase), sickness, injury, road closures, and many other things. You can learn more about the details of the trip insurance policy here. Trip insurance costs 6.5% of your trip price.

Roadside Assistance

Many of our vans are new enough and have low enough mileage that they are covered by the Ford Roadside Assistance. You can find a card for this in the glove box of the campervans for contact information to use this service. However not all of our campervans are covered by the Ford Roadside Assistance. If you would like to guarantee you have roadside assistance we offer nation wide roadside assistance through Wheelbase for $15 per day. You can learn more about this available service here.