Sun Valley is famous for miles of singletrack trails and this might seem intimidating for kids and beginners. Luckily there are a couple of good options. Also remember with any kid bike ride to take the pace easy and walk any section where kids are unsure of there abilities. Also make sure to bring along some fun snacks to eat along the way. Our favorite option are fruit snacks which provide a nice treat for kids.

Right in Sun Valley and Ketchum you will find a whole network of paved bike paths. These are the easiest options and are the flattest options. The Wood River Bike Path runs along the Wood River in Ketchum and will take you all the way to Bellevue. The path is about 21 miles long and there is lots of shade along the way along with benches and picnic spots. If you are looking for a harder option then the Harriman Trail runs from Galena Lodge to the SNRA Headquarters.

Are you looking for a kid friendly singletrack experience? Your first destination should be Galena Lodge. Park in the Galena Lodge parking lot and ride east on the main dirt road and you will come to the Galena View Trail. The Galena View Trail is a very mellow trail and has a great flow to the trail. A lot of the trail is like a little pump track with lots of little ups and downs. You will have some great meadow views all along the trail and some great views of the Boulder Mountains.

Once you have done Galena View and want a little more remote singletrack experience then Corral Creek is worth checking out. The trail is is about 3.3 miles in length and can be done with a beginner using the road to get back to the top. With kids you can descend the trail and then have the kids wait at the picnic table in the shade at the end of the trail while someone rides back up the road to get the campervan. From the top of the trail you will start in dense pine and Douglas fir forest with patches of aspen groves along the way. The trail is rolling and fun for all ages with a mellow grade. At mile 2 you will come to a section of the trail that has a steep drop off on one side. The trail is nice and wide, but some beginners might walk a couple of sections. The section with the steep drop off is short and is worth walking since the rest of the trail is so much fun.

Campervans available for rent in Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT.