One of the most popular destinations  just North of Moab is Arches National Park. The National Park is famous for Arches and tall spires. The main park road will take you past many of the most popular sites in the park. You will pass all of the sites along the way including the Balance Rock, Fiery Furnance, and finish up at the Devils Garden. The Devils Garden at the end of the park is one of the most popular and scenic hikes in the park, but on busy days it is important to get a parking spot early. We recommend driving all the way to the end of the road and hiking Devils Garden and then on your return drive out of the park visiting the other sites.

Arches National Park Map

The Devils Garden Trail is a great trail to see 8 arches. You can learn more about this trail here.

At the end of the main road in Arches you will also find the only campground in the park. The Devils Garden Campground is a small campground and reservations must be made well in advance.

On your way back towards the entrance you will find the Fiery Furnace overlook and one of the most amazing trails in the park. The Fiery Furnace trail does require reservations with the park and these can be made here.

If you were lucky enough to get to see the Fiery Furnace then the rest of the sights on the way out the park may not be as spectacular as you might have thought on the way in. 

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Arches National Park Camping: 

Arches National Park has one Campervan campground and it is all the way at the end of the road. There are very few spots so make sure to book early. There are no shower facilities, but there is water available. Don't be disappointed if you don't get a spot in Arches. There are a ton of options around Moab. If want to stay in more of an RV park then the Portal RV park is the niceest in Moab. If you want some remote options then check out the many campsites along the Colorado River. Right next to the famous slick rock trail you will find the Sand Flats area which has lots of camping options.

Free camping a plenty can be found around the Bar -M- Trailhead and off Dalton Wells Road.

Best Bet for Showers: There are a ton of shower options so here is the full list. The list is just in alphabetical order not the order of the best options.

1) Canyonlands Campground, 555 S. Main St, $6.00, 435-259-6848

2) Dowd Flats, 2701 S. Highway 191, $3.00 Use Fee - .25 for each 5 min, 435-259-5909

3) Moab Cyclery, 391 S Main St, $5.00, 435-259-7423

4) Moab Recreation & Aquatic Center, 374 Park Ave, $5.00, 435-259-8226

5) Moab Valley RV, 1773 N Highway 191, $6.00, 435-259-4469

6) OK RV Park, 3310 Spanish Valley, $5.00, 435-259-1400

7) Pack Creek Camp Park, 1520 Murphy Lane, $4.00, 435-259-2982

8) Poison Spider Bike Shop, 497 N Main St, $5.00/5 min, 435-259-7882

9) Slickrock Campground, 1301 N Hwy 191, $6.00, 435-259-7660

10) Spanish Trail RV Park, 2980 S Hwy 191, $5.00, 435-259-2411