Recommended Stay: 3 to 5 days

Round trip miles from Boise 444 miles/Total Roundtrip Drive Time: 9 hours

Trip Cost Estimate: $375 to $650

The Jarbidge Mountains are just over the Nevada border and best accessed from Idaho. For only being 222 miles from Boise it takes a while to get there because it is only accessed with some minor backcountry roads and requires some miles on dirt roads driving. There is a small town called Jarbidge just before you hit the mountains that has some supplies, and only one small hotel. With limited lodging a visit to Jarbidge is best done in one of our Wandervan Campervans since there are lots of camping opportunities. 

On the way to or from Jarbidge make sure to stop in at Murphy Hot Springs they have a nice pool to relax in after a days adventure. There is also some great food made by the owners of the Hot Springs. The hot springs is located in the bottom of the Jarbidge Canyon so you can't miss it on the way to Jarbidge. 

There are lots of great hikes in the Jarbidge mountains. One of my favorites is the Jarbidge River Trail just outside of Jarbidge. You can go as far as you want on this trail and there is a nice lake at around mile 5 after a long climb. There are seven campgrounds right before and after Jarbidge so there is plenty of selection for your next trip.

1) Jarbidge River - This is a great hike into one of the few alpine lakes in the Jarbidge Mountains. The beginning of the hike starts in a small parking lot and then immediately dumps you into a river crossing. The bridge washed out where you cross right at the beginning and has been never replaced. After crossing the creek you'll basically be hiking on the old road and pass an old campground and the old trailhead. As the years pass the road is really filling in which growth. After the road ends the trail get narrow and really starts to gain elevation. You'll climb up a long valley with many avalanche paths so be prepared if you hit a big tree pile. The last part of the trail steepens out before you finally reach the lake. It is a small lake, but unique in these otherwise fairly dry mountains.

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