Boise is blessed with over 200 miles of trails and a riding season of almost 11 months. When the weather gets warm you can head out up to Bogus Basin or when the snow hits you can ride close to town or even venture out in the Owyhees. There are a couple of campgrounds for your campervan in the Boise area. If you want to stay in town then check out the Riverside Campground. Otherwise you can find space up off of Bogus Basin road during the summertime.

Don't just take my word for it. Read more about Boise area trails in this MTB project article.

Here are some recommended rides for all of the seasons:

Late Spring into Fall:

1) Eastside Trail- The Eastside Trail is the main trunk trail in the Stack Rock trail system. It can be combined with many other trails to form a great all-day ride. The first part of the trail was constructed in 2003 and 2004 on mostly old logging roads from the 50s and 60s by mountain bikers. The trail is fast and swoopy and has a number of stream crossings and technical features. Technical features have been added along the sides of the trail for years to provide some alternatives for more experienced riders.

The main trail is an intermediate trail and can be used to avoid any technical features along the sides of the trail. Technical features are all difficult and some involve log rides or picking your way through tight rock sections.

2) Around the Mountain - The ride starts in the main parking lot near the Simplot Lodge. From the lot you'll start climbing on the Deer Point trail. The Deer Point trail will then connect into the Around the Mountain Trail. Turn right on the Around the Mountain trail and traverse across the face of the Mountain. There are some great views as you work your way up a couple switchbacks before traversing over to the intersection with the ridge road. You'll then cross the ridge road once and then twice as you work your way around to the backside. After the second road crossing, the trail starts a gradual descent followed by some nice bermed corners.

Once on the backside you'll look out towards Idaho City and the Sawtooths. On the backside you'll cross a couple of ski runs and under the Pine Creek Lift alternating between descending and climbing. Once Mores Mountain comes into view you'll start climbing again as you work you way under Superior chairlift. There is one more short descent before the final climb to Pioneer Lodge. When you get to Pioneer Lodge you'll want to descend the Morningstar Trail to get back to Simplot Lodge. 

3) Hard Guy to Dry Creek or Shingle Creek - This is a classic ride in Boise and features some long climbs up Hard Guy before traversing on the ridge road to the Dry Creek and Shingle creek trailhead. From this point you have to decided if you want a wetter ride or a drier one. Dry Creek has numerable water crossing and you will surely end up with wet feet by the end, while Shingle Creek has only one crossing where you might get your feet wet! Both are amazing descents back to town and will surely put a big grin on your face.


1) Wilson Creek Loop - Park at the main Wilson Creek trailhead and head out of the trailhead and over the first hill into the Wilson drainage. Once in the drainage you'll turn right onto the Northwest Passage trail and follow it for a long ways until you come to a right that takes you away from the main trail. This is a side loop that drops you into the Hardtrigger drainage. This side loop can be eliminated if you wanted to save some miles. Once you dip into and out of the Hardtrigger drainage you'll come back out onto Northwest Passage . You'll follow this trail all the way to the road. Once on the road, proceed east towards Bingo. Fly down Bingo and bear right to head towards Reynolds Canyon. Then drop into and ride along Reynolds Canyon is very technical and can result in serious injury if you make a mistake. Please walk the sections you are unsure about.Eventually you'll pop out of Reynolds Canyon and now move across the flat bottoms. The trail goes up and down a couple small hills, but overall remains fairly flat.

This is a great loop and is best done in the fall and early spring!

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