Tours in Idaho Part 2

Boise to Canada

Are you headed north to Canada and are traveling through Idaho and wondering what to see along the way. While Idaho may lack in National Parks it certainly does not lack in natural wonders, but our wonders tend to be a little more off the beaten track.



Riggins, ID

The Banana Belt of Idaho provides warm sunny days surrounded by deep canyons and majestic mountains. From Riggins you can climb into the Seven Devil Mountains, drive into the mighty Hells Canyon, navigate up along the rugged Salmon River, or climb into the Gospel Hump Mountains. None of these destinations are easy to get to, but the reward is in the solitude you will experiance.


Couer d'Alene, ID

Couer d'Alene is worth a stop on your campervan tour. Northern Idaho is a land of many lakes and abundant trees. The lakes views are amazing, but there are also to famous bike routes in the area. The Route of the Hiawatha has a tunnel over a mile in length to ride through and the Trail of the Couer d'Alenes is miles of peace and bueaty on a smooth asphalt path.

Recommended CampervanCampgrounds:


Downtown - Blackwell Island                Heyburn State Park

Beauty Bay Campground                      Faragut State Park


North Idaho

There are lots of little spots hidden all around Northern Idaho for those willing to look.

Recommended Campervan Campgrounds:

Priest Lake State Park


Stanley, ID

If you have never been to the Stanley area your first glimpses will have you wondering why this place has not become a National Park. The peaks of the Sawtooths are equally magnificent to the Tetons without all of the crowds.

Recommended Campervan Campgrounds:

Glacier View Campground                         Smokey Bear Campground

Camping around Redfish