skiing Overview

When winter hits there is no better time to head to the mountains in a campervan. Our campervans have a great heating system and will keep you warm while resort skiing or backcountry skiing. With lift tickets at some locations costing over a $100 and then you have to added in lodging which you barely use why not save some money and sleep in one of our luxurious campervans.


Campervan Resort Skiing

During the winter we all want to try out some new destinations to ski at, but the cost to visit and ski some resorts can get extreme. Our solution is one of our campervans with one of or portable heaters to keep the van warm at night and allow you to get first tracks at the ski resorts. Here is the low down on some of the area resorts.


Central Idaho Backcountry Skiing

Within a short drive of Boise you can find numerable locations to go Back Country Skiing and many of them have pull outs or parking lots that can accommodate a Wandervan Campervan. Here is a summary of some possible destinations, be sure to check back for updates. Before you venture into the backcountry be sure to check the weather forecasts and also the avalanche forecast for the area.


Sun Valley Campervan Skiing

With lift tickets costing over $100 per person, there is no better way to experiance Sun Valley skiing than in a campervan.


Tamarack Campervan Skiing

A two hour drive from Boise is Tamarack Resort and some excellent campervan skiing and snow boarding and some great views of Lake Cascade. One of the best parts of the resort is the lack of lift lines. The resort is ideal for intermediate skiers and riders. There is a great beginner area right near the lodge and you will find no line at all on most days. More advanced skiers and riders will find the most challenging runs off of the summit. 


Grand Targee Campervan Skiing

About 6 hours from Boise is Grand Targee Resort and some amazing powder. Plus you can stay overnight in the parking lot with your campervan so you will able to score first tracks in the morning. In addition to life serve skiing there is also some great cat skiing.


Ruby Mountains Backcountry Skiing

The Ruby Mountains are only 5 hours from Boise and have towering peaks with dry and fluffy powder available for those who can figure out how to get to the goods. We choose to access the mountains using a helicopter while camping in a campervan.