Motorcycles and Campervans go together great for your next adventure. Idaho has miles of singletrack open to motorcycles and there is year around riding. Just south of Idaho, in Utah you will find some amazing trails only a short drive from Boise or Salt Lake. Are you ready to wander? Brapppp!


Smokey Mountains

 The Smokey Mountains are one of the top 12 places to ride in the entire country. Rocky Mountain ATC-MC did a nice write up here. Idaho also has a great where to ride site or they have also mapped all of the trails in the state on this great map site.



Moab is a classic riding destination. Close to town, the Sovereign Trails give you a little of everything from easy ATV trails to technical singletrack. South of Moab is Behind the Rocks with huge sand dunes. Just about 45 minutes from Moab is 10 Mile Wash which is a little more rustic and adventurous experience.



The Danksins are a great area to explore close to Boise. This site is a great starting point for you next adventure.