Wandervans CLeaning Checklist



1. Outside

☐ Dirt Roads? Yes or No

     ☐ Yes – Wash outside and squeegee all the windows. With a wet rag open the doors and wipe down seals and all dust.

     ☐ No – Wash bugs off the front and clean dirty windows on the outside with glass cleaner or water and squeegee


☐ Winter Driving?

     ☐ Yes – Wash outside of van to remove all winter grime.


2. Inside

☐ Vacuum Interior – Vacuum carpets, seats, dash, and walls. A soft bristle brush should be used on the dash and walls.

☐ Wipe down inside

      ☐ Using armor all or similar and wipe down walls, doors, dash, and any exposed black plastic

      ☐  Wipe down sink and counter top and cabinet area with cleaner.

      ☐ Empty any tanks  

☐ Clean inside windows of all dirt and finger prints with window cleaner.

☐ Expect to spend 20 to 30 minutes with two people cleaning the inside of the van. Skipping steps will result in less of the cleaning deposit returned.