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Rossland BC

Rossland BC

Recommended Stay: 5 to 7 days

Distance from Boise 537 miles/Drive Time: 9 hours

Trip Cost Estimate: $575 to $1075

Wandervans began with the idea of creating a way to satisfy the inner wanderlust in us all. We wanted to be the sweet spot in between the tent and the recreational vehicle (RV). The prototype campervan took its first trip to Rossland, BC in Canada. We rode many miles of trails with the Wandervan as our support vehicle.

Rossland had some amazing singletrack and we took advantage of off the beaten track camp spots to sleep in our campervan as we explored everything from the Seven Summits trail to some of the great freeride trails on Red Mountain and around town. Rossland also has a great ski resort call Red Mountain just outside of town that has built a nice network of trails for mountain bikers. They are not yet running the lifts so you will have to ride to the top to get your gravity.

If you visit Rossland during the main tourist season there is a great place to camp with your campervan right in downtown Rossland called Rossland Lions Community Campground. The best part with driving a campervan is you can pretty much fit in any of the spts and the campground. 

Here are some trail suggestions for your next trip to Rossland.

Seven Summitts Trail - This trail has been named an IMBA epic and is one of the best ridgeline trails in all of the Northwest. You will need to arrange a shuttle to do this ride. This ride starts with a steady climb up to the ridge and then will have you traversing across a number of mountains. Be aware that the climbing does not end after you have reached the ridge. The last part of the trail is a fast and steep trail with many tight switchbacks so make sure you save enough energy. There is a couple bail out options along the way if you end up getting tired or injured. The best place to bailout is when you are above the ski area so keep this in mind.

Whiskey - This trail is a more advanced trail and has everything from rock slab rides to drops of varying heights. There are ride around for most of the really big stuff, but you should definably be at least a  strong intermediate rider before attempting this trail.

BS/Monitcola - Descend both of these trails for a great flow and freeride experience. On the bottom of BS you will find a 270 degree berm that is a blast to go around just make sure no one is following two close because you literally cross the trail you take to get into the berm at high speed.


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