We just hit seven nights in the Roadtrek E-Trek campervan over the Eclipse weekend. Those seven nights have given us a real good introduction to the operation of the Roadtrek E-Trek and the Mercedes Chassis. The Roadtrek E-Trek is defiantly a big departure from our other campervans, but we have had enough interest over the summer from people looking for a campervan with a full bathroom and inside cooking that we decided to take the plunge on this van and see how it performs.

This is the second part of our thoughts on the Roadtrek E-Trek luxury campervan. Overall it is one of the most luxurious campervan camping experiances we have ever had. There is a lot packed into the 22 feet of van and it is a great way to travel. The biggest benefit with any campervan is being able to pull into to just about any spot and be setup in a matter of minutes. The Roadtrek E-Trek is an electric and diesel campervan with no need to worry about propane. The Roadtrek E-Trek has an impressive array of 8 AGM batteries and a 270W solar panel on the roof. While you are driving the engine has a built in generator that will also charge your batteries so you can run all of the conveniences. The Roadtrek E-Trek has the majority of items run off of 12V, but there is an inverter that will create 110V and run additional appliances.

The Roadtrek E-Trek has many luxury features and we will try to go over each one in a brief summary.

Seating: The Roadtrek E-Trek is equipped with 4 leather captains chairs that have a full set of adjustments. All four seats will swivel completely around for sleep or eating.

Beds: The Roadtrek E-Trek has a back bed and front beds. The back bed turns from a couch into a bed at a push of button. This button is located just below the TV. After the bed is completely flat you have the option of leaving it as two twins or you can place a piece in the middle to convert it into a full size king. The front two beds are created by turning each front seat so the back of the seat faces the wall and then you will place the mattress across the front seats to create two twin beds.

Dining: There are two tables that can be setup. The front table is setup when you swivel the four captains chairs around and then place the table leg in the center of the captains chairs and then place the table on top of the table leg. The table legs in the van tighten into the floor with a couple of turns. The back table is usually the one we setup since it allows the kids to get closer to the table for eating. The back table uses the back couch and then the two side benches. 

Heating: When you are parked in your campsite you will be kept warm by a diesel heater that draws fuel from the main fuel tank and uses electricity from the battery bank for the fans. No more need to fill up with propane to run the heater, since propane is a lot harder to come by than diesel fuel. The diesel heater is also a forced air system and will draw cold air in from the front of the cab and then pump the warm air our in the back of the van. If you are familiar with some of the classic propane heaters you will be happy to know that there is no pinging sound as the metal shrinks and contracts as the heater is running. In fact you won't hardly hear a thing at all as the diesel heater keeps you nice and warm. The heat takes about 5 minutes to come up to temperature if it has been off.

Hot Water: There are two hot water systems on the E-Trek. The first uses diesel to heat up the hot water to two different settings 40 degrees C or 70 degrees C. The 70 degrees C setting is a little to hot for our comfort especially with kids around. The hot water takes about 20 minutes to reach temperature which is fairly standard for most hot water heaters. If you need some more instant hot water then you can turn on the 110V side of the van and there is an instant hot water system next to the sink. This systems is best for making teas and coffee, but not dishes. To do dishes in the sink it is best to use the main diesel hot water system. 

Bathroom: There is a full bathroom in the van. There is a toilet with a foot pedal that controls the filling of the tank along with the flushing of the tank. There is a shower in the bathroom with a manual shut off on the head to conserve water. The bathroom doors can also be latched so they extend into the isle to provide additional room while using the toilet or shower. Hot water for the bathroom is provided by the diesel hot water heater that must be turned on ahead of time.

Cooking: Cooking is done using the main kitchen area. There is ample counter top space for food preparation and then there is an induction cooktop, convection oven, and a microwave. To use the induction cooktop, convection oven, and the microwave you will need to switch on the 110V system. The microwave is a very standard unit and can also be used as a convection oven. To use the convection oven we do recommend being plugged in or have the engine generator running. Having a microwave in a camper is a nice way to put toegther some quick meals. The induction cooktop is a single burner cooktop that does require special cookware, but it does a great job and cooks items well plus cleanup is easy.

Campervans available for rent in Boise, ID and Salt Lake City, UT.