Just north of New Meadows off of Hwy 95 is the Smokey Boulder Rd. This road will take you along the scenic meadows of Round Valley. You will have a good chance of seeing elk in the morning or evening along this road.

smokeyboulder map.jpg

Keep on driving on Smokey Boulder Rd. and you will want to bear right to stay on the Smokey Boulder Rd. toward Smokey Boulder Camp. Near Smokey Boulder Camp you will find ample primitive camping, but no official campgrounds so you simply choose a spot off the side of the road.

There are some great trail opportunities in the area for hiking and biking. The Pollock Mountain Trail and the Cow Camp Trail are both great trails and are usually well maintained. The Pollock Mountain trail is recommended as a downhill only for mountain bikers and the Cow Camp trail is a great trail for most intermediate riders up until mile 4.5. There are some great views along the Cow Camp trail and you will likely be the only ones on the trail.

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