Glacier National Park has one of the largest intact ecosystems in the temperate zone of the rocky mountains. The park is over 1 million acres and has many different areas depending on what type of experience you want to have. While the majority of the visitors can be found around Lake McDonald and the Going-to-the-Sun Road this is only a tiny fraction of the park. The Going-to-the-Sun Road is the heart of the park and takes you over Logan Pass and is one of the most scenic campervan drives you'll ever take.

Glacier National Park Service

Park Map

Reserving Campervan Campsite:

Out of 13 campsites only 3 have reservable sites. These are Fish Creek, St. Mary, and some of Many Glacier.

Be sure to check the Campground Status Page for information on when campgrounds fill up.

Day 1-2: 

Explore the heart of the park on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Start your journey in West Glacier. Your first stop in the park should be at the southern end of Lake McDonald. After enjoying the lake continue on the Going-to-the-Sun Road taking advantage of the many pull-outs and scenic view points along the way. Some possible stops include Trail of the Cedars, Logan Pass Visitor Center, Jackson Glacier Overlook, Sunrift Gorge and Sun Point.

Fun Adventures:

  • Hike five miles round trip to Avalanche Lake.
  • Take a boat tour on Lake McDonald. You can buy a spot on a boat or rent one from Glacier Park Boat Company
  • Park your campervan. Take a bus tour if you want to let someone else do the driving for a change. This is a nice way for the driver to also be able to see all of the sites. Glacier National Park Lodges offers a red bus tour
  • Camping: Fish Creek, Apgar, Sprague Creek, Avalanche Creek

Day 3-4:

On your first couple of days you probably followed the line of cars up and down the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Now it is time to leave the crowds behind and explore the Two Medicine area. The Two Medicine Valley area is one of the more undiscovered areas of the park. Before the opening of the Going-to-the-Sun Road in 1933, Two Medicine was one of the busiest locations in the park. Now you will find a much quieter experience in the Crown of the Continent. Located a short drive from East Glacier Park, Two Medicine is easily accessible to all campervan travelers. The Two Medicine area does have a campground, but it is first come first serve so it might be wise to plan to swing through the campground by 11am if you plan to camp in the area. Make your first stop at Running Eagle Falls and take the short hike to the falls. Continue on to Two Medicine Lake and take a boat tour with Glacier Park Boat Company or rent a kayak, canoe or rowboat and take in the beauty of the area from the water. 

Day 4-5:

The next part of the park is one of the wildest sections of the park: the North Fork. Accessed by a gravel road, the North Fork is one of the most scenic and off-the-beaten path sections of the park that’s accessible by car. Be sure to take advantage of the stunning views into the park as you make your way up the Outside North Fork Road. Polebridge, a small electricity-free town (the community is powered by solar panels and generators) just outside the park’s border, anchors the area. Here you’ll find a historic mercantile, saloon, cabins for rent and a hostel. Be sure to stop into the Polebridge Mercantile for some of the best pastries in the West. After fueling up on goodies, rent a kayak or canoe (or bring your own) and head into the park to Bowman or Kitla lakes for a few hours of paddling on the clear blue waters.

Campground: Bowman Campground - This campground has limited services and you should come prepared with food and all essentials and expect at least an hour drive from the town of Polebridge. You are also allowed to collect any down timber for fire wood some a small saw and ax is a great option.


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